Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ninja Tune - Solid Steel Radio Shows

  Solid Steel Radio Shows by Ninja Tune

Solid Steel is the name of a series of DJ mix albums issued on Ninja Tune independent record label in the UK.
Solid Steel also has a radio station webcast and related live concerts which further showcase the DJing talents of such artists.

In 1988, Solid Steel began as a radio show on Kiss FM hosted by Coldcut's Matt Black and Jonathan More, where they were not only able to play and mixrecords, but also display their cut-up technique live. The show was known for airing "The Broadest Beats in London". They were joined by PC and Strictly Kev from DJ Food in 1993. The two hour show was filled by improv, with each DJ taking sets of 30 minutes. In 1997 Darren Knott, otherwise known as DK, joined the show as producer, as Coldcut and DJ Food were increasingly away on tour.
They left Kiss FM after playlist changes meant they would be consigned to the Tuesday 2am-4am graveyard slot. The show was still recorded each week being available online and syndicated worldwide. In 1999 they were offered a slot on the advertisement-free BBC's London Live radio station.

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